Welcome! If you are new to Renewal, we are so glad that you can worship with us. Please take the opportunity to tell us about yourself so we can contact you to tell you more about our church: If you are a college or youth group student, please contact us ( to receive more information!

Advent Season and Devotionals (November 28-December 26)
Advent Season officially starts on November 28 as we take much-needed time to draw our attention to Christ as our hope in this world. To prepare us, our church will participate in daily devotional readings provided for you. Electronic versions are available HERE. Let us prepare our hearts to receive our King!

Communion (December 5)
We invite all baptized members in good standing at an evangelical church to partake in the Lord’s Supper this coming Sunday. Please prepare your hearts as we commemorate Jesus’ death and sacrifice (1 Cor. 11:17-34) and partake in this means of grace. 

Diaconal and Pastoral Care
If you are facing any spiritual, emotional, financial, or physical needs, please do not hesitate to contact us at

RML Virtual Bulletin Board on Facebook
This Facebook group is a place to share items you want to give away, items you need, ask for help, look for babysitting, offer free tickets, or more. It’s a closed group for RML congregants who are approved to join by moderators. Link to join can be found HERE or on our Facebook page.

Renewal Text Messaging Service
We utilize a text messaging system to notify the church for immediate announcements such as service delays and event cancellations. To receive these alerts, please text “RENEWAL” to 1(877) 978-2573.

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