Care and Counseling

If you have any felt needs (physical or spiritual), we look to offer the compassion and love of Christ as we meet and pray with you. Please contact for more information.

If you are looking for extra support and counsel for life’s challenges, we will help you get connected to professional gospel-centered counseling and psychiatric services. 

Counseling Support Fund

In order to encourage members and regular attenders of Renewal Church to seek professional counseling and to assist with the fees associated with counseling, Renewal Church is willing to financially support members and regular attenders by reimbursing 20% of the fees of their first ten counseling sessions at approved counseling facilities. In order to qualify for this reimbursement, the requestor must comply with the stipulations below.

    • Receive counseling from one of the approved facilities:
      • Philadelphia Renewal Network (PRN) – Please note that members and regular attenders receive an additional discounted PRN rate of $125 for a 50 minute session.
      • Christian Counseling and Education Foundation (CCEF)
      • Individual counselors at other facilities if approved by the Renewal Diaconate in consultations with the lead pastor
    • Agree to allow the counselor to share information with Renewal regarding the progression of the counseling
    • Invoices of qualifying sessions will be required to receive reimbursement
    • All requests must be approved by the Renewal Diaconate at its discretion

Request for Counseling Support